Suburban Farmacy  (Farm + Pharmacy): relating to plants you can grow in your garden that have edible and/or medicinal value.

The corporations want you to buy their weed killer. Destroy the dandelions! Have a perfect lawn!

Really? There has to be a better way. Just a bit of investigation and you’ll find that dandelions are both edible and medicinal. A handful of “weed shrubs” we cut down every year? We let them grow and discovered we had elderberry. It has medicinal value and helps prevent and fight the flu. These other weeds with lobed leaves and small yellow flowers that we yanked out year after year? Greater celandine which can be used as a wart treatment. Some other wide leaved plants in our lawn? Plantain. Edible and medicinal.

The more we looked, the more we researched the more we realized just how much we had lost. Decades and centuries ago people knew the uses and value of the plants on their property and in their region. Now most people only know what the media and corporations say… and the message is to have a perfect lawn.

We have stepped out of this fallacy and are embracing and learning all we can about the medicinal and edible uses of the bounty of nature around us. We’re so excited about what we’re (re)discovering and wanted to share. This blog is both a way for us to compile our findings and share them with others interested in learning more.

Want to know more of our background? See our Intro posting.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog/site is to be considered a recommendation or medical advice, but rather just a sharing of what we have discovered and/or tried. The information on this blog/site should be considered for entertainment purposes only and any use or misuse of anything on this blog/site is done so solely at the discretion of the reader.

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